Safety with Bykea

Your safety is important to us while using our services.

Thank you for putting your trust in us.

We provide everyday safety for riders, partners, and businesses before, after, and during their trip.

Safety Features

Your safety is important to us

By committing to our Community Guidelines, you are committing to creating a safe and welcoming environment for one another.

Bykea Guarantee

What Bykea does if things go wrong?

We strongly believe in providing accessible means of using our services. With no need for smartphones or credit cards, the Bykea app limits no-one.

What if I get into an accident?

Whether you are a rider or a driver, we have you covered. Your safety is our utmost priority.

What kind of insurance do I have?

As a passenger and Bykea partner, your commute from pick-up to drop-off is insured.

What if Bykea lost my package?

Your package is fully insured with Bykea from pick-up till drop-off.