Accessibility With Bykea

We’ll go the extra mile to make your experience perfect.

Bykea for everyone

We are committed to building a product which will aid in making everyone’s life easier. We aim to continuously innovate new services for people who need it the most.

Inclusivity Features

Inclusivity for all

Cash for Payments

Pakistan has one of the world’s lowest banked population, therefore we wanted to create a cash-based service ensuring inclusivity for all.

Linguistic App

In order to cater to the masses of Pakistan, we decided to create a bi-lingual app which offers services in Urdu and English.


At Bykea, we wanted to ensure that getting from point A to B is as inexpensive as possible. Giving users a peace of mind when traveling with Bykea.

On-Demand Transport

We make it easier for riders to get to their destination whenever they want. With Bykea, differently abled individuals will no longer have to pre-arrange their rides or choose other inconvenient means of transport.

Bykea for the Differently-abled

Bykea And Disability

Bykea for Visually Impaired

Bykea has partnered up with schools for specially abled to ensure visually impaired kids are getting an education by offering door to door pick and drop off services.

Bykea for Mobility Impaired

By using our technology, we are making transportation services more accessible for users with mobility disability.

Accessibility through Technology

We wanted to create an app for all therefore, the Bykea missed call service was created. Through this service a rider doesn’t need to have the Bykea app, they can simply call for a Bykea partner via a phone call.