Hassle Free Cash on Delivery Guaranteed

We offer blazing fast parcel delivery services with live tracking. The contents are insured so you can have peace of mind when utilizing our delivery services or COD (Cash on Delivery) services.

Bykea Delivery

How delivery works


Launch Bykea app


Open the app and tap on the Delivery icon.


Select delivery method


You can get an item delivered from point A to B or receive payment for your parcel through Cash on Delivery.


Provide delivery details


Your Bykea partner will require the pickup and drop off location, recipient’s phone number, as well as the value of the goods.


Confirm and track


Once confirmed, the nearest Bykea partner will pick-up the parcel. You will be able to track your Bykea partner via the app.


Why choose us?


A partner will confirm your order request within a few minutes. We will connect you with the closest partner and ensure your parcel is delivered on time.


We provide an added layer of safety through an opt-in insurance for your parcels that get sent out with Bykea. Furthermore, you can track your parcel from start to delivery.


We get your parcel delivered to its destination in the most cost-efficient way.

Easy Integration

Our cash on delivery plugin or open APIs can be integrated with you your app or website.