Bykea Mission, Vision & Values

We are on a collective mission to change lives which we aim to achieve through the support of the Bykea Family that we have complete faith and trust in.

Our Vision

Empower millions to connect, communicate and trade.

Our Mission

Simplify affordable transport, logistics and payments.

The Bykea Ideology

Our Core Values


We feel it

To all shareholders

Keep Learning

We do good work

Fast, agile, constantly

Own It

We step up and speak up

What do you need?

Keep It Simple

We strive for excellence

Focus, execute


We care deeply about our driver partners. We have a responsibility to offer them income opportunities by matchmaking customers for them. They are the torch bearers, the knights of the movement that is Bykea and they represent our brand on all fronts.

We, through our partners, serve our customers, who trust us with their lives, goods and capital. Technology, communication and trade can have hurdles for demographics of varying language, education and culture, and we must do everything in our power to retain the trust our users have in our platform.

Our employees put their mind, heart and time to building this enterprise, and they are at the forefront of the battle against economic disparity. We must listen, reward and support one another as the strength of our flanks is dependent upon the affinity within our tribe.

Our investors have put their faith in us to deliver financial and strategic results. They chose us over others, and we owe them an opportunity to continue to invest in whatever new category we do next, whatever we set out to conquer.

Keep Learning

We are self-taught and will research to learn before soliciting help. When we learn something new, we share with our colleagues only when key takeaways are penned or when we have a mapped recommendation.

We are constantly learning from global comparables, our competitors, our customers, our partners, and always listening deeply, always fishing through to collate the relevancy out of information and data. We have no pride in our knowledge, and are always aspiring to learn more, from people who know better than us.

We learn from our flanks, we learn from travel, we learn from watching out for details, and we are relentless and agile without which we are vulnerable to attack and oblivion.

Own It

We hold ourselves accountable to very high standards. Our output is directly proportionate to the level of scrutiny we hold ourselves accountable to. We have immense attention to detail and take responsibility to guard, protect, assist, facilitate, and resolve without need for intervention.

We must take care of our own house and do whatever we can to showcase the best of ourselves. We are proactive, quick to engage and keep stakeholders informed. Excellence, drive, motivation and a will to elevate ourselves is innate in us. Our work is our very own book, our very own painting, and we are disciplined and relentless in search of excellence.

Keep It Simple

We simplify communication and deliverables to focus on clarity for execution. We believe the simplicity of design in product, content, communication, presentations and KPIs allows us to build affinity and stickiness with our partners and users and alignment through our organization. We focus on what really matters and that ensures we deliver.

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