Pakistan’s Leading On-demand Ride-Hailing and Logistics Service.

We are on a journey of building affordable technology solutions that address rampant challenges in the transportation, logistics and payments sector.

Bykea, is an all-in-one app for transportation, logistics, and cash-on-delivery payments

Our services help move people, parcels and payments efficiently in a safe, reliable and inexpensive way. We offer a variety of mobility-modes, from a bike to a rickshaw to a car, to customers offering the lowest fares in town. Customers always have a great experience with us is our priority.

Bykea For You

Empowering the community

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Our on-demand services help students, workers, and businesses save time on transport and maximize their time being productive.
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Responsive Healthcare
In a country with over 190 million in population, healthcare is not geographically accessible for many. Which is why we have partnered with clinics to provide fast, on-demand first aid staff to individuals in need. In addition, we have partnered with pharmacies to help deliver over-the-counter medicine to those with no means of doing so.
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Luring into Technology
A Bykea can be booked via a smartphone and a feature phone. Although booking through a smartphone is more economical, we are capitalizing on the millions who have yet to migrate to smartphones by offering other methods of booking. Local call centres help involve our masses in this technological revolution in the transport industry.
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Financial Inclusion
A Bykea service is a cheaper transport solution than a rickshaw. We work closely with our driver partners to offer the best, standardized, fares for logistics and transport services to our customers.
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Expanding Public Transport
Bykea helps in expanding the local metro and bus nodes. Making it easier to reach an end destination while using public transport.
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Why Bykea

Reasons to choose us


With the shortest ETAs, get to your destination faster than ever.


Our driving partners are licensed and GPS tracked to ensure safety for you.


We are always there for you at every step of the way through our customer support centre.

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