Transactions at your Doorstep

Send or receive money, pay your bills, or withdraw cash from the ATM without stepping out of the house.

Send money

Send money to whoever, whenever, however you want.

Request money

Invoice customers or friends and receive money back the way you want.

Withdraw money

Need to withdraw cash from an ATM? Let us deliver it right to your doorstep.

Pay for your bills

Whether it’s a utility or internet bill, we can help you pay it off instantly.

Bykea Cash

How Cash Works

Launch Bykea App

Open the app and tap on the Bykea ride icon.

Provide pickup details

Let us know the pickup location and contact details of the payer by filling out the required fields.

Provide transactional details

Let us know whether you want to send money, receive money, or want to pay off your bill. As well as information of the recipient.

Confirm and share

Review your transaction details and confirm it by ordering a Bykea Partner. You can share the transaction details with the recipient.